Time is up for Office 2007 Updates

After 10 years, Microsoft is phasing out support for many of their 2007 products, including Office and Exchange — are you prepared for the switch?

Still using Microsoft Office 2007? Microsoft will cease offering support for this and related products in fall 2017; this phase out includes extended custom support agreements as well. What does this coming change mean for you, your business and your clients?

Office 2007 End Of Life

What Does the Coming Change Mean for your Business?

2017 will see the end of support for some of their most visible and used products, from Office 2007 to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. Microsoft has shared a detailed list of the products being eliminated for your reference; upgrading to another operating system now or switching to a more recent version of Office can help you avoid complications from the phase-out.

Computers, networks and workstations still running Office 2007 may be reaching the end of their useful lifespans; the new phase-out makes the coming year an ideal time to reevaluate your needs and equipment. Making plans now for upgrading or moving away from these older systems can help you avoid trouble later.

This round of phase outs will likely not be the last; Office and Exchange 2010 will likely be phasing out support in the coming years as well. Making 2017 a time of upgrading and reevaluating, including technology replacement and system upgrades.

Even larger customers who have custom support agreements will see support come to an end by October 2017; in the past, Microsoft has allowed enterprise customers to pay a significant fee to continue receiving custom updates after support for a legacy product has ended.

What’s so Bad About Outdated Software and Technology?

When you use obsolete software or technology for your business, you waste time and money, and potentially put your business at risk. When your software or operating system is outdated and no longer supported, you won’t be able to find the help you need for even simple problems. A lack of security patches and updates could put you at risk for malware and ransomware as well. Keeping your technology up to date ensures you don’t run into downtime or end up losing your valuable data.

If you are still using Microsoft products with “2007” in the name for your Chicago, IL and Southern California business, we can help. Taking a proactive stance and upgrading now allows you to sidestep the problem and ensures your business continues to operate worry free. Contact OffSite IT at info@offsiteIT.com or (866) 828--6674 to learn more about upgrading your outdated software and obsolete technology and to find out how we can help your business save time and money in 2017 and beyond.


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