New Facebook Marketing Tips – Get More Eyes on Your Content!

Know this – you’re not the only one feeling challenged by Facebook marketing these days.


It can be incredibly hard for brands to really make an impact when news feeds are increasingly crowded. Some reports even say that brands are bypassing Facebook altogether, opting to post more content on Instagram. But don’t give up just yet; in order to make an impact on Facebook, you just need to pay attention to trends, figuring out which tactics will work best and how you can get your content to wider audiences.

Here are a few tips to try out when you’re looking to beef up your Facebook marketing.

  • Post videos!

The best strategy for Facebook marketing at the moment is videos. With autoplay, videos start playing automatically once they’re scrolled past on a newsfeeds – drawing viewers in and making them more likely to actually watch. Remember: make it short, to-the-point, and have a clear call to action. Also keep in mind that posting a video directly to Facebook tends to get better results than linking to other websites like YouTube.

  • Share quote photos

This may seem insignificant, but it will help bring views and potentially many more likes to your page, meaning your content will now naturally reach a wider audience whenever you post. People love inspirational quotes, especially motivational ones, and they tend to share them for others on Facebook.

  • Make use of your CTA button

Facebook has introduced a huge tool for businesses – the call-to-action button makes engaging your audience easier than ever. Currently there are a number of CTA options you can choose from including: Book Now, Use App, Contact Us, Shop Now, Sign Up, Watch Video or Play Game.

  • Zero In On Key Topics

BuzzSumo is a great tool for learning what topics to focus on when using Facebook for marketing. It allows you to plug in keywords and view content from over the past several months that has performed the best across social networks. You can actually filter directly by your subject and topics to figure out what’s resonating with your audience.

  • Post more often!

Another easy tactic is to simply keep on posting – do it more often than you’re used to. Overall interactions with your page will increase the more you post.

  • Pay attention to Trending Topics

Facebook has recently incorporated a Trending Topics section, which like Twitter can attract wide audiences to a post related to trending subjects. If you can connect your marketing to some Trending Topics, you’ll get your content out to new readers.

  • Look at negative feedback

Aside from what you’re doing right, look into what you can improve. Facebook Insights offers up four kinds of negative feedback – Hide Post, Hide all Posts, Report Page as Spam and Unlike Page. You can view them as raw numbers and study where and why they’re hit most often. You may discover patterns that help guide where you go next.

  • 3D Ads and Innovation

This is an interesting and innovate new marketing technique for Facebook – on St Patrick’s Day, Jameson promoted its whiskey with the first ever 3D video Facebook ad. The autoplay function certainly helped it grab a lot of attention. Keeping up with new techniques and trends is a great way to stay on top of your marketing game.

  • Cinemagraphs

Still photographs that incorporate subtle, looping videos are called cinemagraphs – and they could be the new best attention-grabber on Facebook thanks to autoplay. Many companies are trying them out now and experiencing success, so if you want to get ahead of a new booming trend, now is your chance.

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