What Are The Costs Of Managed Services?

What does it cost?

We believe there is only one way to do IT right. One flat monthly fee for 100% IT support.  Everything is covered, unlimited support 24X7.  Following a thorough one- to two-day review of your systems and needs, OffSite IT can provide a price that will help you realize a savings of up to 20 to 30% in monthly operating costs.

I keep hearing that MSP’s will save me money

  • you can save up to 30% per month in operating costs and realize the added benefits of a stable IT system, reduced HR burdens and improved productivity, which is often hindered by IT staff training or vacation time.
  • Downtime costs money. Unpredictable IT costs place huge burdens on businesses. When you don’t have access to the internet, or your network, you are losing money. When you are not properly maintaining your network, the frequency and duration of your downtime increases. In addition, many companies that do not have a dedicated IT staff lean on their existing staff to “fix” issues that pop up. This time is not productive and is time that could be spent making money. OTS provides your company with comprehensive IT coverage at a fixed rate, so that you know exactly how much you will be spending on IT and you’re not spending your valuable time on IT related issues.

So, you’ve read this far, there is definitely something here. You want me on that wall, you need me on that wall.  Sorry, got carried away.

I don’t need all that stuff. I want to buy less. 

  • Refer back to definition of “fine”
  • What about gold/silver, bronse plans like everyone else does.
    • We DON’T give you the flexibility to choose from three scalable plans silver, gold, or platinum.
    • You don’t know anything about IT, why would you pick the plan? That’s like going to the Dr., finding out what’s wrong, and then prescribing your own remedy and medication.

What happens to my bill if I use x number of hours more than usual in any given month?

  • Your monthly bill is based on the number of machines or users under management, not on the number of hours of support that you require.

So if it includes an unlimited number of hours, it must be more expensive than “normal” IT support, right?

  • Not at all – in fact, over the long term, most of our clients enjoy lower IT Management costs than they did when they were still on the traditional “break-fix” IT support model. What’s more, Managed Services costs are completely predictable, whereas traditional “break-fix” IT support results in highly unpredictable expenses.

How can Managed Services help me to save money?

  • In three ways:
    • Manpower is a significant cost for most companies. The improved productivity you enjoy as a result of our Managed Services will save you money, every day of the month.
    • Proper management of a network results in longer lifespan of the various systems, so you won’t have to upgrade your systems as often.
    • By aligning your IT strategy with the business strategy, your systems will be able to meet the growing needs of the business, so you won’t have to replace or upgrade your systems as frequently.

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