Is your Data Being Protected from the Feds? – Find Out How IT Companies Rate

Every company and those who use these companies want to know how well their personal data is being protected from government spy agencies such as the NSA and others.


Companies and the people that transmit their data are worried about government intrusion. This has become a hot and contentious topic in many corners of the IT industry.

Data protection is especially vital since Congress is considering one possibility where they are considering the add on of a government backdoor to many facets of the IT in use today.

To find out how well how some of the top IT businesses fair for your data protection, the EFF or Electronic Frontier Foundation took a look at some of the most popular IT companies and rated them according to the following 5 criteria:

  • Follows Industry Accepted Best Practices
  • Tells Users About Government Data Demands
  • Discloses Policies on Data Retention
  • Discloses Government Content Removal Requests
  • Pro-user Public Policy: Opposes use of back doors

In a recent evaluation using the criteria above, the FCC examined 24 of the best known companies to see which ones compared fared well or performed badly. This ranged from cell providers to those companies that make out most popular IT gadgets.

When it came to protecting data from the government intelligence community, the results were somewhat startling.

IT Companies Rated the Highest

The good news is that 9 companies received a 5 Star rating as each of these companies met all five pieces of the EFF’s data security criteria which suggests they go above and beyond when it comes to protecting data from Federal government agencies including:

  • Adobe
  • Apple
  • Dropbox
  • Sonic
  • Wickr
  • Wikimedia
  • Yahoo

IT Companies with Lowest Ratings

The 3 worst companies which had the lowest ratings and were rated at the bottom include:

  • Verizon (2 Star Rating)
  • AT&T (1 Star Rating)
  • WhatsApp (1 Star Rating)

Every IT company wants its customers and clients to feel confident that their information is secure and protected not just from outside breaches but also from the government snoops.

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