How to Improve Faster Email Responses

Do you send out dozens of email on a daily basis and find yourself frustrated by the lack of responses?


We all want to make our email a useful part of our daily work, but if nobody is replying then it feels almost like you’re wasting your time, doesn’t it?

The problem might be with you! Think about how you review your own emails. Consider the 2 main things that stand out which your first see, and determines whether you are going to open the email and respond, or ignore the email altogether.

The 2 central aspects everyone sees when they receive an email includes:

  • The Email Handle of the Sender
  • The Subject Line

If you have an email handle that doesn’t provide a clue about you or your company, you need to seriously consider changing it. For example, if you’re, do you think your email handle is going to be taken seriously? Probably not, because the receiver does not have a clue about whom they’re receiving the email from.

You need a handle that says you are somebody important from somewhere before you will even to be taken remotely seriously. Give the receipient of your email a reason to take a second glance and take the next crucial step in getting a reply. Include your title/company or something that says you are somebody!

This second step which all too many of you probably have never even given a second thought about is the all important “Subject Line.”

Often, many email senders just type in something generic, or even possibly cryptic. You want your subject line make the recipient do 2 things:

  • Take Notice
  • Take Action

The subject line you use is all important. You want to tell your email recipient that something needs to be done or an action taken, and the best approach is for you to use an active verb that prompts the recipient to do something such as:

  • Phone to Discuss…
  • Review…
  • Meet to Discuss…
  • Confirm…

The action required should be brief and succinct. The reader will realize and recognize this is an email that requires their attention and is relevant to their business.

After all, you’re taking the time to compose this email and are doing so for a purpose such as getting a reply, arranging a meet or engaging in a phone call. If you subject line is lame, purposeless or trite, it’s just going to be ignored.

And, if you really want to emphasize the importance of your email, then remember to use the “Flag Feature”, but do so only for really vital email that needs immediate attention.

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