Ensure You Don’t Stifle Growth and Innovation By Avoiding These 10 Signs of Anti-Creativity!

Your team is all about fostering a spirit of creativity and collaboration.


After all, information technology is one of the fastest-changing industries in Chicago, IL and Southern California. Every year, new technologies and new IT strategies are developed that offer new and better ways to do business. And at the same time, new threats like viruses and hacking techniques are unleashed that demand creativity and ingenuity in combating.

Anyone who says, “That’s the way we’ve always done it!” has no place on our team!

So what are YOU doing to ensure your business doesn’t get run down and stuck in the mud? Becoming stagnant is one of the easiest ways to start tanking your business, either by driving away talented people from your team, or by leaving yourself vulnerable to competition willing to try something new.

That’s why we’re sharing with you our 10-Point Anti-Creativity Checklist: The signs we’re always watching out for to ensure we don’t start shooting ourselves in the foot.

  1. Saying “We’ve always done it this way.” – Just because you’ve always done something one way doesn’t mean it’s always the right way.
  2. Playing it safe – Don’t listen to that inner voice saying, “Why should I stick my neck out?”
  3. Stopping people from “running before they walk” – Sometimes people don’t need training wheels! Evaluate each person individually, and if they’re ready to run, don’t hold them back!
  4. Using corporate policy as an excuse for laziness – If you’re shooting down good ideas because of corporate policy, that’s a sign to re-examine the policy, not the idea.
  5. Ignoring change – IT isn’t the only industry where change is constant. Pay attention to new developments and constantly ask yourself if they might be able to help you improve your business.
  6. Saying “It’s just a job.” – No matter what business you’re in, you need to give it your all. Don’t stifle yourself or your team members!
  7. Constantly asserting your “expertise” – If you take every opportunity to display skepticism and shut down other ideas just to show off how smart you are, you’ll quickly drive away anyone of intelligence from your team.
  8. Pigeonholing yourself – Never listen to anyone who says “know your limitations.” You can always learn more and try something new! If something is unfamiliar, ask questions and LEARN – don’t just shrug your shoulders.
  9. Using experience as a weapon – Bite your tongue before you say “let’s not reinvent the wheel.” Just because you may have tried something similar in the past doesn’t mean you can try again and have a better experience!
  10. Incorporating input from as many people as possible – Trying to get input from EVERYONE on the team means an idea will never take off.

Change is a constant, and the only way to keep your business alive is to embrace change and learn to love it. Avoid these 10 missteps and you’ll be on the right track!

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