Does Your IT Service Provider Know How to Take Care of Your QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is one of the most popular financial software used by small businesses. Countless businesses use it to keep track of their books, whether they do accounting in-house or connect with a bookkeeper outside the office. Companies that use QuickBooks rely on it to stay on top of their finances and keep everything in proper order.

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So given how important QuickBooks is, you certainly can’t afford to have it cause problems with the rest of your IT.

Does your Chicago, IL and Southern California IT service provider know how to take care of your QuickBooks? Probably not.

Too many Chicago, IL and Southern California IT companies just sell you computers and software and pop by when you call about a system crash or other problem. They don’t do the proactive work to ensure you get the best experience out of all your important software, and they don’t have the necessary experience to ensure you’re using programs like QuickBooks to their fullest potential.

The team at OffSite IT are the experts when it comes to business software like QuickBooks. We do more than simply diagnose problems and fix them. We’ll help you use QuickBooks like you’ve never used it before:

  • Integrate QuickBooks with the rest of your IT, like your email, for quick transfer of information and faster performance.
  • Improve security with QuickBooks to stop potential data breaches and ensure your compliance with industry regulations.
  • Help you access QuickBooks online out of the office, so you can share finances with offsite employees, bookkeepers, and clients.
  • Manage your QuickBooks licenses to ensure you stay up-to-date and licensed and don’t incur any penalties.
  • Apply patches and updates for QuickBooks as soon as they’re released, keeping you safe and productive.
  • Customizing your QuickBooks options for your unique business needs, so the program gives you options you didn’t even know you had.

Make sure you work with a Chicago, IL and Southern California IT service that knows how to take care of your QuickBooks: Contact the team at OffSite IT at (866) 828--6674 or to learn more.


I first hired John directly as an employee back in 1999.
He was an excellent addition to a growing team at a small technology company. Subsequent to the sale of the company, John branched out on his own and started an IT consulting firm. Since that time, I have not used anyone else. John is capable, personable, has integrity and is also very likable. I would recommend him without reservation.”

  Kevin DiCerbo   

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