Do You Show Patriotism to Your Business?

With the 4th of July having just passed, a lot of us are still have that rush of patriotism.


At OffSite IT we started thinking – are you patriotic to your business? It may seem like an odd question, but when you start to think about it, dedication to the growth and success of your business is absolutely essential.

Dedication means setting goals and working with the right team to achieve them – at OffSite IT we provide innovative and convenient IT solutions designed to help you meet and exceed your business objectives.

When you want what’s best for your business, reach out to us at or (866) 828--6674 .

You know that your business deserves the absolute best, and we know how to deliver just that. By strategically planning for your future and setting you up with the right tools and solutions, you give your business the push it needs to thrive.

  • At OffSite IT we talk to you about your goals, objectives, concerns, and the biggest obstacles that IT will help you conquer. We cater our services to your unique needs, ensuring you’re working with smart and effective solutions.
  • You get the best tools for your business, improving productivity, decreasing the odds of disruption or downtime, and ensuring that you’re able to function at your absolute best around the clock.
  • With a dedicated IT partner that is just as invested in your business as you are, you have assurance that everything is being taken care of. You can finally focus on getting your work done instead of worrying about your technology – when you work with the right solutions, you see fast and incredible results.
  • We know that you need a responsive, experienced team of IT experts to help your business thrive and maintain longevity. We work with a number of industries to provide comprehensive IT solutions that give you the best competitive advantage.

Show your business how proud you are to be at its helm, with smart, effective services that will ensure you continue to perform at your absolute best. Get in touch with OffSite IT at or (866) 828--6674 .


I first hired John directly as an employee back in 1999.
He was an excellent addition to a growing team at a small technology company. Subsequent to the sale of the company, John branched out on his own and started an IT consulting firm. Since that time, I have not used anyone else. John is capable, personable, has integrity and is also very likable. I would recommend him without reservation.”

  Kevin DiCerbo   

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