Did You Know Your Best Employees Are Looking for New Jobs Right Now?

Companies with Remote Workers Have an 87% Higher Employee Retention Rate…

Why Not Leverage the Cloud to Let Your Staff Work From Home?


93% of small businesses that provide their staff with perks, such as working from home, flexible days, and more comfortable work environments, report a 87% higher employee retention rate compared to small businesses whose employees work in the office. Since those small businesses started providing these fantastic perks, they’ve noticed the following:

  • A 39.2% increase in EBITDA.
  • A 45.2% higher client satisfaction rating.
  • A 65.6% improvement in staff morale.

Why? Because on average, people who work from home are less distracted. National Leave the Office Earlier Day was created because the average person works about 49 hours a week, however, not all of those hours are productive because employees would rather be elsewhere. People who work from home, on the other hand:

  • Start work earlier due to lack of commute
  • Take shorter breaks/lunch times
  • Have less sick days
  • Work more hours overall

Does the idea of making more profit than ever before excite you? Are you worried about losing your best employees? Thousands of companies all over the U.S. are losing employees to more innovative small businesses that allow their employees to work from home. Contact OffSite IT before it’s too late. Call (866) 828--6674 or send us an email: info@offsiteIT.com .

How do you make sure your employees can work from home without falling behind on tasks they need to accomplish? You leverage wireless technologies, secure remote access, and cloud services to:

  • Give them anytime, anywhere access to important applications and data without sacrificing confidentiality and security.
  • Boost collaboration as employees can easily send/share information with others to complete tasks.
  • Enhance uptime, as all updates, routine maintenance, and security will be handled to help maintain access at all times.

On average, companies that invest in collaboration technologies, such as cloud services and secure remote access, notice productivity increase by 400%. It’s a win-win situation: your employees get more work done and your company makes more money.

Go ahead, let your employees leave the office early and finish their tasks at home. Contact us at (866) 828--6674 or send us an email: info@offsiteIT.com . OffSite IT will help you realize how groundbreaking the cloud can truly be in terms of productivity and efficiency.


I first hired John directly as an employee back in 1999.
He was an excellent addition to a growing team at a small technology company. Subsequent to the sale of the company, John branched out on his own and started an IT consulting firm. Since that time, I have not used anyone else. John is capable, personable, has integrity and is also very likable. I would recommend him without reservation.”

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