Combining Social Media and Email Marketing to Drive Sales

Many IT companies today have discovered the many benefits of social media marketing. Other companies have had great success when it comes to an email marketing campaigns.

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But many of these companies only use one of these marketing campaign tools, and are losing out by not taking full advantage of this cross media platform.

Why not incorporate the 2 together and reap the awards of these powerful marketing tools to reach a bigger and more targeted audience?

Here are several tips to ramp up your marketing approach.

  • Add your Subscriber List to your Social Media Portal – This allows you find out who these people are, and develops a vibrant community. People like to join social communities and interact so you will likely attract a whole new host of subscribers.
  • Match Your Ads to Your Community – This allows you to develop a targeted ad campaign to the followers on your social media sites relevant to the product or service you are marketing.
  • Use Your Social Networks to Send your Email – This is a form of indirect email marketing. The email quality is rather good and generally include a “call to action.”
  • Automate Your Email Outreach – You use this technique to increase and enhance the social sharing of your content. You use email to get the share moving. As the shares increase in size you then begin to reach out to some of the larger sites and enhance your reach. You can use ShareBloom to enhance your email sharing requests.
  • Put your Newsletter on Social Media for Sign Ups – Hook potential members to your newsletter by offering something for free as an enticement because they can sign up for newsletter while they’re on Twitter for example.
  • Set Up an Email Exclusive Social Group – You can set this up from your subscriber lists. This again relates to developing a community which is particularly interested in your services or product line.

Let your business soar with an effective and profitable email and social media marketing campaigns. Call  OffSite IT as we provide you with the marketing plan your company needs to thrive so call us (866) 828--6674 or email us at: and we will help your company soar.


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