82% of Businesses Fail – These 3 Mobile Strategies Will Keep You Ahead of the Competition!

Isn’t It Time You Created a Mobile Strategy to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Mobile Strategy

Did you know approximately 788 million people only use the Internet via mobile devices? As we’re becoming more reliant on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices for transactions, business leaders agree: a mobile strategy is vital for success, especially if you’re running a business in a crowded marketplace.

When you focus on a mobile strategy, you’re able to gain market share and stay competitive. Here’s 3 fantastic ways to create a mobile strategy that takes your business to the next level:

  1. Make the Decision: Web App vs. Responsive Site vs. Separate Site

Have you explored your options and considered whether to create a web app, a responsive site, or a separate mobile site? All of these options have pros and cons, but it’s best to weigh them out and make sure you’re choosing the option that suits your prospects and clients the best. Here’s a breakdown of the options:

  • Web app: an application that’s stored on a remote server and used via the Internet on a browser interface.
  • Responsive site: A site that’s built specifically to respond to the size of the device (desktop, phone or tablet) that’s viewing it.
  • Separate mobile site: A separate mobile site at a different URL – designed only for mobile devices.

While a responsive design is simpler to manage, a separate site lets you gear everything, including SEO and marketing efforts, towards mobile users. On the other hand, web apps are instantly available and simple to access, however, they’re costly to develop and maintain.

  1. Keep Your Mobile Users in Mind Throughout the Entire Process

Don’t focus on the tools available at your disposal first, focus on your mobile users – the visitors you’re hoping to convert into new business opportunities. What do you want visitors to take away from your mobile site? What is the overall feeling or message you’d like them to receive?

Often, we get lost in the technical aspect of mobile web design, but it’s much more important to see things from the visitors perspective. You’ve got a small screen and minimal words to impress them, and as 55% of mobile users leave sites within 15 seconds, you want to make sure the experience is enough to keep them around!

  1. Always Follow Mobile Strategy Best Practices

Mobile conversion rates can certainly be impressive, however, the site must cater to the expectations of your mobile users:

  • Keep it simple: Avoid excessive clutter, the need to scroll too much, and horizontal menus.
  • Speed up load time: Make sure your site loads within 4 seconds to avoid visitors leaving before it’s even loaded.
  • Use mobile features: Mobile features, such as click-to-call and maps, can quicken up the process for visitors to contact you.
  • Eliminate unnecessary content: Keep content concise and images to a minimum.

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