7 Surprising Statistics That Show Why Mobile-Friendly Websites are a Must for Google!

Is your website mobile-friendly?

Mobile Websites

When a visitor comes to your site using a smartphone or tablet, how does it look? Is it easy to navigate and find vital information (like your contact info), or does everything get jumbled up because your web designer wanted everything to look pretty on a big PC screen?

Google says that mobile-friendliness is key to a modern website, and they’re so convinced of its importance that they’re making it a key factor in how websites are ranked in their search results. So if your site doesn’t get the mobile-friendly thumbs-up, you’ll watch your search results tank.

But Google’s say-so isn’t the only reason you should go for a mobile-friendly site. Here are some statistics that show it’s just a smart business decision on its own:

  1. In 2014, 20% of all search engine activity came from smartphones, and another 9% came from tablets. That’s almost a third of ALL people searching data using their mobile devices.
  2. Compare that 29% in 2014 to the numbers recording for 2013, which added up to only about 24%. The use of mobile devices for searches is climbing every year!
  3. Additionally, more users than ever are using both desktops and mobile devices for their searches. About 75% of adult users report using both and switching back and forth between the two depending on the time of day.
  4. 69% of consumers worldwide between 18 and 39 use mobile devices to research products before they buy, and 44% use tablets.
  5. The younger generation is increasingly turning to mobile devices instead of PCs for web browsing. 80% of teens in the US own their own smartphone and report using it more than a desktop every day.
  6. Entertainment online is increasingly accessed via mobile devices instead of PCs now. About 48% of tablet users and 46% of smartphone users report watching videos using their mobile devices.
  7. Additionally, over 40% of all time spent watching TV online is done via mobile devices – 31% on smartphones, and 12% on tablets.

So it’s clear that the trend towards using mobile devices to access info isn’t stopping – in fact, it’s growing. You can’t afford to lose traffic to your site because of incompatibility with mobile viewing.

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