7 Key Benefits of Managed IT Services for Your Business

An in-house IT staff isn’t for every business, and it can drain productivity from other critical areas. Here are 7 benefits of using managed IT services.

IT Managed Services

Managing an in-house IT department isn’t for every business, especially startups. Time and resources spent on day to day technology needs can drain the productivity of even the most streamlined staff. Strategic outsourcing some or all of your IT needs can make or break performance in the major areas both in the near and long term. The following are seven of the most significant benefits that managed IT services can bring to your company:

1. Automation of Day to Day Tasks

With the help of virtualization, managed IT can take care of common areas and components like email, helpdesk support, server and network oversight, and more.
 With so much reliance on IT, outsourcing “mundane” tasks will free up your staff for more creative and innovative roles.

2. Ongoing Systems Monitoring and Maintenance

Proactive monitoring of the primary business components can help with avoiding major issues and catching them early when they’re small. While a network crash could take mission critical resources offline for an extended time period, effective monitoring and maintenance will help detect potentially problematic issues early. From a router that’s about to fail to server problems, these red flags can be addressed by your dedicated IT partner before they reach the stage of a disastrous outage.

3. More Predictable Budgeting 

IT budgets can be substantial, but costs can be better managed and ultimately reduced by using an IT services professional. Instead of paying on the fly for every issue that comes up (and risking steep, unexpected bills), you’ll instead have one flat fee that will cover your most essential services.

4. Access to Expertise

With managed IT services, your business will automatically gain access to highly skilled staff who are trained and equipped to handle unforeseen issues and special circumstances. Your company will be backed by a dynamic infrastructure, stable operations, and an experienced technical support team.

5. Centralization Benefits

A managed IT network can include the consolidation of all servers and applications within distributed data centers. This, in turn, results in improved staff performance both in-house and from remote locations. Centralized data ensures easy network access to storage, virtual services, and backup infrastructure. Centralization also reduces your company’s carbon footprint.

6. More Efficient Support

When issues arise, your business requires fast, targeted support. IT service providers are motivated to act quickly due to the costs associated with production. Put simply, it’s in your Managed Service Provider’s best interests to address and repair each client’s technical issues efficiently, making timely support a win-win for both of you.

7. Business Continuity

Your Managed Service Provider has designed their data centers and networks to be reliable and resilient for their clients. Because of this, you can rest assured your business will experience maximum uptime and continuity. Their significant technological investment means that even if disaster strikes, your business data and digital communications will be preserved.

Not every business is ready for a full-time in-house IT staff. Others might benefit from outsourcing portions of their IT requirements. Resources directed toward IT could cost you in other areas; however, with strategic use of managed IT services, your business can flow and evolve dynamically. Consider how these seven benefits of managed IT services could impact your company for the better.

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