6 Ways To Secure Your Network With a Next Generation Firewall

Do you ever think about how important having properly installed firewalls is to your security?


We talk about so many means of protection that something as seemingly simple as a firewall may seem like an insignificant piece of your security puzzle, but that’s not the case. Having a strong firewall means keeping dangerous online threats out, and the better and more intricate your firewall, the safer you’ll be.

Here are 6 ways to ensure your firewall is setup to protect against anything.

  • Know Your Applications

If your networks infrastructure isn’t properly configured, you’ll face a number of issues. There are several factors that affect the strength of your network so you need to pay attention to everything. For one, you need to pay attention to quality control. Not all apps are created equally, and some are more susceptible to risk than others. Plus, with so many connections and new tools, you need to always be on top of things.

For example, applications that are constantly running still need to be regularly scanned for viruses and malware. Don’t assume an app or program is safe just because it was the last time you checked. You need to ensure that your firewall protection is strong enough to defend against anything and everything.

  • Manage Threats

Everything is connected these days, from our desktops to our laptops to cell phones and other mobile devices. You need to be aware of threats coming from every angle, which is why using a VPN (virtual private network) along with your firewall protection is a strong solution. You can use that VPN to ensure your devices privacy policies are exactly the same as what’s set up for your businesses data security.

  • Identify and Control Circumventors

Hackers today are incredibly smart – they use proxies, remote access and encrypted tunnel applications to circumvent security controls and get into your network. Next generation firewalls needs to be capable of dealing with circumventors; regularly updating application intelligence to ensure all vulnerabilities are patched.

  • Always Be on The Lookout

Just because you’ve got a full security force working to keep you protected, never just assume you’re safe. Always be aware of what you’re downloading and opening on any of your devices; every new bit of data is a potential new threat. Keep your guard up and virus-scanners active.

  • Have a Policy to Follow

Sure, the internet allows for many advancements and the streamlining of many tasks. But it also presents tons of risks to your security. An ideal firewall, such as Palo Alto, separates and classifies all internet traffic; only approved traffic will pass and your firewall will block the rest. Your policy for security should never include checking an “allow all” option for firewalls – you need to stick to a plan of keeping potentially-harmful threats away from your network.

  • Protect Your Data on Every Device

WiFi, like the internet, is incredibly useful but can also be dangerous. Employees and co-workers are constantly working outside the four walls of your office, meaning they’re tapping into unknown wireless networks with their laptops or mobile devices. You need a firewall that works on any device, so your cell phones are just as protected as your desktops inside the office. Your network no longer exists in the confines of your businesses four walls, so make sure your protection reaches far and wide.

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