4 Steps to Tame the Email Dragon

Email has become a big pain for many executives and employees these days.


Too much time is being spent and wasted dealing with it, and to the point it’s beginning to cause a significant reduction in productivity.

It’s time to throw off the email shackle and get back to the work that needs to be done, and stop being an email junkie.

Some execs or staff can receive hundreds or more email per day. Many of you realize that this must not continue, so its time to take some proactive steps to tame this email beast.

How can kick the email habit? Here are several ways to take control of work day and lose the email albatross.

Tip 1. Separate the Email Junk from the Gold

You want to know about important email because obviously all of its not junk and some of it is clearly vital. One approach is use SaneBox which will work with main email providers such as Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo. This tool is relatively inexpensive. Using an especially designed algorithm, this app will automatically sort priority email from your non-priority email for later viewing. This allows you to focus on more important business.

Tip 2. Keep Email Responses Simple

Replying to email can be very time consuming. When doing so, your replies are best served by being short and to the point while leaving out all the irrelevant fluff. Some execs prefer to keep their replies limited to about 3 sentences as much of the business you conduct is better handled more efficiently by phone, or in person.

Tip 3. Use Canned Replies to Save Time

Many of your email responses can be seen as repetitive. You can find Canned Responses in Gmail which allows you to set up a series or library of messages that you regularly send. You can access your “canned response” in 2 clicks, and the message is entered into your email. This feature can be huge time saver.

Tip 4. Opt Out of Threads

Gmail has a mute feature which allows you to opt out of email threads or group email. You can just simply make it disappear and archive the threads for later attention or deleting. All you have to do is select the thread or conservation, click on the drop down box and click mute, and these threads will never pester you again.

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