4 Revolutionary Behavioral Email Marketing Ideas

Email marketing is tough.

Email Marketing

We know it often feels like an uphill battle; you’re sending mass emails hoping that even a small percentage of recipients will open them.

If you’ve been looking for ways to make your email marketing more effective and engaging, well, you’re in luck.

Instead of targeting uninterested people and begging them to take action, focus on already-interested people through a buying cycle. Data is the gift that keeps on giving; it allows us to follow trends and hone in on our audience.

Here are 4 ways your business needs to take advantage of behavioral email marketing.

  • Send the Best Welcome Email

Think about it this way: in the time that it takes you to create and send a single promotional email, you could create the perfect welcome email. They’re a major part of the onboarding process for any business, and a great welcome email will turn subscribers into avid readers and new customers into lifelong partnerships.

When you’re writing a welcome email, the goal is to show the value of your business as quickly as possible. Build your welcome email around your audience.

  • Always Ask “Why?”

No matter what your product or service is you need to remember these things when engaging with clients – incentive and feedback. You need to give them incentive to invest in your business, and you need feedback to figure out why they are – or aren’t – interested.

How can you do this? Follow up! “Abandoned shopping cart” emails ping people who’ve looked at products online but then opted not to cash out. Similarly, “Are you still interested” emails ask if clients are still seeking service and if not, why? The more feedback you get at every chance, the better off you’ll be in the future.

  • Reminders

Make sure you send out prompts at important times; when your clients product may be running out or their subscription is about to end. Remind them to renew or reinvest at the most opportune and logical times.

  • Use Receipts to Your Advantage

If you’re sending a receipt, congratulations – you’ve already made a sale. So don’t stop there, keep working. Your receipts are a great way to keep clients coming back. How can you do that? Include a referral code, offer a discount on their next purchase, or ask customers to follow you on social media platforms so you’re always present.

Email marketing doesn’t have to be as tough as it seems. Following behavior trends and honing in the right tips and tricks will ensure you’re catching clients attention and keeping it on your business.

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