1 Million New Threats Emerge Every Day: How Is Your Malware Protection?

Cyberattacks are getting sneakier and more creative, and businesses are struggling to stay one step ahead.


Last year was huge for high-profile cybercrime; from major corporate attacks to the Heartbleed bug, to Sony’s public information leaks. Are you ready to combat malware?

An analysis by Symantec showed that in 2014 attackers were working faster than companies were able to defend themselves. Plus, the attacks they were launching were more malicious and damaging than ever before. More than 317 million new pieces of malware were created just last year; that’s nearly one million new threats every day.

How Are They Getting In?

Hackers are relying on old computer bugs that companies haven’t got around to fixing yet. In about 90% of cases, hackers used computer bugs that have existed since at least 2002. One popular glitch is in how an IT manager remotely managed corporate PCs – it’s been around since 1999. Due to either lack of time or expertise, many companies just aren’t patching these vulnerabilities.

Think of how quickly these viruses spread – when a hacker releases a wave of malware-filled spam emails, it takes just 82 seconds for someone to become the first victim.

Now, there are a number of new ways criminals are spreading and using malware. In particular your business needs to pay attention to these.

  • Digital Extortion: Blackmailing is becoming bigger and bigger – ransomware attacks surged 113% last year. Hackers steal documents, files, or photos from a victim’s computer and then demand a monetary ransom in order to decrypt or return the files.
  • Sophisticated Attacks: Attackers are getting more complex and selective than ever. For example, hackers will hide malware inside software updates and wait for the user to install them. Basically, they’re making companies infect their own systems.
  • Social Media: Scams run through social media are on the rise. You do the work yourself, sharing videos or stories that have been infected or lead to scam websites. You need to look out for links or stories that don’t seem right and always think before you click.

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